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WeP Ribbon Cartridge for LQ DSI 5235 Printer

Elevate your printing experience with the WeP Ribbon Cartridge for LQ DSI 5235 Printer. Boasting an impressive 5 million characters life and a generous 17 meters length, this cartridge ensures long-lasting, high-quality prints for your professional needs.
₹ 383.00 incl tax

WeP BP 85T Plus

The WeP BP 85T Plus is a 3-inch billing machine designed for simplicity and efficiency. With a built-in battery, it's easy to use and understand, making it perfect for various billing needs. **Key Features:** - **Thermal Printer**: Enjoy faster and more reliable printing with the thermal printer technology. - **30 Keys**: The machine features 30 keys, including 26 HOT key configurations, and allows external keyboard connectivity for added convenience. - **Windows-Based Utility**: Manage data and features effortlessly using the Windows-based utility. - **Compact and Advanced**: This billing printer has a small footprint, making it suitable for small workspaces. It's sturdy and highly reliable. - **High-Volume Capability**: The BP-85T Plus can handle high volumes of billing and offers quick printing speeds. - **Report Generation**: Generate up to 21 types of reports, providing you with valuable insights into your transactions. - **Connectivity**: Easily connect to computers, pen drives, and even weighing scales in real-time. It's also compatible with barcode scanners for efficient data input. - **KOT Printing**: Print bills directly from the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) or saved KOT in the WeP billing printer, streamlining your restaurant or business operations. **Note**: If you require pre-installation services, please fill out the template provided in the product's attachment section and send it to The WeP BP 85T Plus billing printer combines user-friendliness with advanced features, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for efficiency and reliability in their billing processes.
₹ 18,000.00 incl tax

WeP MTP 25 - 2 inch Mobile Thermal Printer USB+ Bluetooth

The WeP MTP 25 is a compact 2-inch Bluetooth receipt printer, perfect for on-the-go printing needs. Featuring a user-friendly design with three classic buttons, it offers easy paper loading and seamless operation. Additionally, LED indicators provide status updates, ensuring smooth printing even during abnormal conditions. This Bluetooth-equipped printer combines convenience and functionality in one portable package.
₹ 9,500.00 incl tax

WeP MTP 85 - 3 inch Mobile Thermal Printer USB+ Bluetooth

Introducing the WeP MTP 85: a cutting-edge 3-inch Bluetooth-enabled receipt printer. This compact and portable Bluetooth printer features a classic three-button design for easy operation, seamless paper loading, and user-friendly functionality. Additionally, it offers LED indicators to provide real-time status updates, ensuring smooth printing even in unusual conditions.
₹ 12,500.00 incl tax

WeP BP 2100

Introducing the WeP BP 2100 - the newest retail billing printer from WeP Solutions Limited. This high-volume electronic cash register and advanced billing printer boasts exceptional durability and reliability. It is packed with features that cater perfectly to the needs of medium-sized establishments. If you require pre-installation services, please download the pre-installation template from the product's attachment section and send it to At WeP, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive solution for your billing needs. The BP 2100 is your dependable partner in efficient retail management.
₹ 29,600.00 incl tax

WeP BP 25T Plus

Introducing the WeP BP 25T Plus! It's a user-friendly 2-inch billing machine with an integrated battery for seamless operation. This device is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, and it boasts a range of hardware features that enhance speed, reliability, and versatility in billing tasks. Here are the key features: - Efficient Thermal Printing: The built-in thermal printer ensures swift and reliable printing, accelerating your billing process. - Intuitive Keyboard: With 30 keys, including plate_number_1 key configurations, the keyboard is designed for ease of use, making billing straightforward. - External Keyboard Connectivity: Extend functionality by connecting an external keyboard, providing additional convenience and customization options. - Windows-Based Utility: Manage data and features effortlessly with our Windows-based utility, simplifying administrative tasks. Our satisfied customers span various industries, including: - Grocery Stores: Streamline your billing operations and serve customers efficiently. - Restaurants: Simplify restaurant billing and provide a seamless dining experience. - Sweet Shops: Handle transactions in sweet shops with ease and precision. - Wholesale Shops: Manage wholesale transactions effortlessly. - Outlets with Weighing Scales: Seamlessly integrate with weighing scales for accurate measurements. - Data Upload and Download: Facilitate data transfer for outlets requiring upload and download functionality. If you require pre-installation services, kindly access the template in the product's attachment section and forward it to email_1. WeP is dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions for your billing needs, and the WeP BP 25T Plus is your trusted partner for efficient billing operations.
₹ 16,000.00 incl tax

WeP BP 2100 Multi-Lingual Billing Printer (Tamil Language Support)

Introducing the WeP BP 2100, the latest innovation in retail billing printers from WeP Solutions Limited. The BP-2100 stands out as a high-volume electronic cash register and advanced billing printer, renowned for its sturdiness and unwavering reliability. Packed with a multitude of features, it is the perfect choice for medium-sized establishments seeking efficient billing solutions. **Key Highlights**: - **51 Hot Keys**: Navigate effortlessly with 51 hotkeys, streamlining your billing process for maximum efficiency. - **External Printer Connectivity**: Seamlessly connect external devices such as printers, expanding your printing capabilities. - **Cash Drawer**: Organize your cash securely with an integrated cash drawer, ensuring smooth transactions. - **Pendrive Support**: Easily transfer and store data with Pendrive support, keeping crucial information at your fingertips. - **Continuous Weighing Scale Connectivity**: Integrate with weighing scales for precise measurements, a valuable feature for businesses requiring weight calculations. - **Customer Display**: Enhance the customer experience with a dedicated customer display, providing real-time transaction information. For those interested in pre-installation services, we offer a convenient template available in the product's attachment section. Simply complete and submit it to WeP is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your billing needs, and the BP 2100 stands as your steadfast partner in efficient retail management. Upgrade your billing experience with WeP, where reliability meets innovation.
₹ 30,000.00 incl tax

WeP Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP18A (CF218A) with Integrated Chip

The "WeP Compatible Toner Cartridge with Chip HP 18A (CF218A) Toner" is tailored for use in HP LaserJet printers that support the HP 18A toner cartridge. Here's a detailed overview: **1. Compatibility:** This toner cartridge is thoughtfully crafted to function seamlessly with HP LaserJet Pro printers that are compatible with the HP 18A (CF218A) toner cartridge. It's crucial to verify the compatibility of your specific printer model with this cartridge before making a purchase. **2. Page Yield:** The page yield of a toner cartridge generally corresponds to the number of pages it can reliably print before requiring replacement. HP 18A cartridges typically offer a standard page yield, which may vary depending on factors such as the content of printed pages and printer settings. **3. Quality:** WeP is a renowned brand recognized for manufacturing compatible toner cartridges that meet or even surpass the quality and performance benchmarks set by original HP cartridges. Expect reliable and high-quality prints with WeP products. **4. Chip Technology:** The inclusion of "chip" in the product name suggests that this cartridge likely incorporates a smart chip. Smart chips play a pivotal role in communicating with the printer, providing real-time information on toner levels and other cartridge status updates. **5. Installation:** Installing a compatible toner cartridge is typically a straightforward process, akin to installing an original HP cartridge. Adhering to the manufacturer's provided instructions ensures a hassle-free and proper installation. **6. Cost Savings:** One of the primary benefits of opting for compatible toner cartridges is the potential for cost savings when compared to original HP cartridges. These alternatives often offer a budget-friendly solution while maintaining commendable print quality. Before finalizing your purchase of a compatible toner cartridge, it's imperative to confirm its compatibility with your specific printer model. Additionally, consider factors such as page yield and print quality to ensure it aligns with your printing requirements. Always choose reputable suppliers to guarantee the product's quality and reliability.
₹ 4,199.00 incl tax