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BP- Emerge Basic (4- Line Display)

Introducing the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), the latest innovation in WeP's Retail Billing Printers category. Designed to elevate your business operations, this cutting-edge printer offers advanced features for seamless transaction management. With the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), you can harness the power of real-time transaction updates via SMS using WiFi connectivity. Stay well-informed about your business transactions from anywhere, empowering you to oversee and optimize your business more effectively. **Key Features:** 1. **Real-Time Transaction SMS:** The WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) empowers you to receive real-time transaction updates through SMS, utilizing WiFi connectivity. Stay seamlessly connected to your business and gain insights into transactions as they unfold. 2. **Remote Business Monitoring:** Capitalize on SMS updates to remotely monitor your business operations. Whether you're on the move or managing multiple locations, you can maintain control and make well-informed decisions. 3. **16 Keys Soft Touch Keypad:** The printer boasts a user-friendly 16-key soft touch keypad, streamlining navigation and input of essential information. This guarantees a smooth and efficient billing process. 4. **3-Inch Receipt Generation:** The WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) generates clear and comprehensive 3-inch receipts, furnishing customers with detailed transaction information. 5. **Versatile Business Suitability:** Tailored for diverse businesses, including Grocery Outlets, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hotels, Sweet Outlets, and more. The product's versatility adapts to a wide range of retail environments. For those seeking a hassle-free setup, we offer pre-installation services that ensure your WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) is operational from the outset. To avail this service, kindly complete the pre-installation template found in the attachment section of the product. Once done, kindly forward the template to Elevate your business operations with the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), and embrace the convenience of real-time transaction monitoring and efficient billing processes. Stay connected, stay informed, and propel your business to new heights.
₹ 19,790.00 incl tax excluding shipping