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About Us

WeP group of companies is into design, manufacturing and distribution of various types of printers & IT peripherals. The group companies also offer managed printing solutions, UPS & energy solutions, information security software products.

Current Structure of the Group Companies

WeP Group of companies has an interesting past and even more exciting future. It is one of the top Small Giants in the Indian IT space and features at rank 175 in the Data Quest (Sept 2012) listing of IT companies in India with a group turnover of over Rs 3000 mn( USD 60Mn) . WeP Group have been re-inventing itself every few years, from the last 12 years, by bringing in new disruptive products in the market and is poised to make significant change in next few years.

WeP had it's origin in the erstwhile Wipro Peripherals, which was a market focused Strategic Business Unit in Wipro infotech till 2000. Wipro is one of the top 3 IT companies in India today with diversified interests in IT hardware, software services, infrastructure management, system integration services, engineering products and customer care.

Wipro Peripherals(WP) was started in year 1988, with an objective to serve the Indian market needs for IT peripherals in late 1980s. It was the era, when IT automation was just picking up in corporates, banks and government segments. There was a gap in-terms of having a reliable product provider in the peripherals arena and Wipro peripherals filled the gap, by first signing up a technology transfer and manufacturing agreement with Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan to introduce their range of dot matrix printers in the country. The collaboration with Epson lasted till year 1998 and since then WeP has been self reliant on technology and manufacturing and today is a leading producer of dot matrix printers.

WeP is also one of the very few players in manufacturing of printheads in the world.

Subsequently, WeP diversified into line matrix printers in collaboration with World leader in this space, Printronix USA and have been their distributor and manufacturing partner for over 17years now.

WeP had also tie ups in the past with leading companies like HP, Canon, Minolta, Kyocera etc to distribute their cutting edge products in the country.

How Wipro Peripherals became WeP?

In effect, the company was born out of the intrapreneurial work culture in Wipro. The business idea of incubating a peripherals business started in year 1988, and the rapid growth in the 90s, of the peripherals business and market leadership, culminated in forming an independent company in year 2000.

In year 2000, Wipro e Peripherals was formed, when an employee buyout happened of the Peripherals business internally within Wipro. Mr Ram Agarwal, then President of Wipro Peripherals along with the employees of WP, bought out a significant stake of Wipro and an independent company was formed with an objective for focused market development and bring out cutting edge technology led products in the peripherals space.

Wipro e Peripherals became WeP Peripherals Ltd in year 2002. Wipro today, owns about 15% of the company and is a financial shareholder, while the rest is owned by Mr Agarwal and the employees of WeP & Wipro, ex-employees of WeP and Wipro. The company is independently managed by a board of governors, led by the Chairman and MD, R N Agarwal. Day to day operations are led by a CEO, and business and operations heads.

Evolution of WeP group

Since year 2000, WeP Peripherals Ltd has grown from a one company operations into a four member companies with diversified interests in IT peripherals, retail solutions, energy solutions and printing solutions. In less than a decade, the company added to it's portfolio of dot matrix printers, new categories like line matrix printers, ID card printers, inkjet and laser printers and document scanners.

It also diversified into UPS, by developing products specially suited to Indian markets.

The company pioneered India specific retail printers and retail billing solutions like POS and today is the largest player in the retail automation space in select segments.

WeP Solutions India ltd is into re-sale and distribution of Information security products. WeP Solutions Ltd, is a public listed company (BSE) which is into managed printing solutions and Elnova Pvt Ltd, which is into manufacturing and trading of Uninterrupted Power Supplies.

In the first decade of operations, the company grew both organically and inorganically. It acquired the following companies:

Godrej & Boyce printing unit in year 2000, this gave the company a manufacturing facility and entry into export markets for IT products.

Select Technologies Ltd in year 2002( now being run under WeP Solutions India ltd) - This acquisition was to diversify into IT software products

Elnova in year 2010 - This acquisition was to create a platform for foray into comprehensive energy solutions and expand to North Indian markets.

Datanet Systems Ltd ( now renamed as WeP Solutions Ltd) in 2010 . The MPS business was de-merged from Wep Solutions India Ltd and made a part of Datanet.